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November 3, 2021  

Contact: Grant Herring 

USPA calls for passage of H.R. 6048 by Dec. 31

COVID-19 Uptick Underscores Need to Stop
CMS-directed Cuts and To Keep Office-Based Specialists Viable


WASHINGTON, DC— Today, the United Specialists for Patient Access (USPA) reiterated its support for the Medicare Stability for Patients and Providers Act (H.R. 6048) due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases. 


With COVID-19 cases climbing in communities around the country and overwhelming hospitals it serves as a reminder that office-based providers are a necessary relief valve for patients so that hospitals can focus their resources on COVID-19 patients. 


Unfortunately, The CMS-directed reimbursement cuts of 20% will force office-based specialists to close their doors unless Congress acts by Dec 31, 2021. With fewer options available for patients, it puts more pressure on hospitals during the pandemic. 


Dr. Mark Garcia, USPA Health Policy Advisor and American Vascular Associates CMO, stated, “The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated just how important it is to make sure office-based interventions are viable so hospitals can focus on COVID-19 patients. As we work our way out of this pandemic, we must keep office-based specialists open for business and the best way to do that is for Congress to pass the bipartisan Medicare Stability for Patients and Providers Act.” 



About the United Specialists for Patient Access (USPA): The mission of USPA is to unify and strengthen the voice of office-based specialists, enabling professionals and patient advocates to work collaboratively with Congress and the Administration and achieve near-term relief and long-term payment stability in the Physician Fee Schedule.  For more information, please click here:

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