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November 19, 2021  

Contact: Grant Herring
(202) 552-1708‬  

United Specialists for Patient Access Supports
Tri-Caucus Push To Stop 20% Payment Cuts

USPA joins the Congressional Tri-Caucus in supporting legislative
action to stop the implementation of the clinical labor update at this time

WASHINGTON, DC— Today, the United Specialists for Patient Access (USPA) voiced its support for the Congressional Tri-Caucus effort to call on Congress to direct CMS not to move forward with the implementation of the proposed 20% cuts resulting from the clinical labor update. 




The letter, led by Tri-Caucus members Rep. Bobby L. Rush, Rep. Danny Davis, and Rep. Tony Cárdenas, points out that: “In September, 75 Members of Congress sent a letter to CMS asking the Agency not to proceed with the clinical labor cuts and, just last month, 247 Members of Congress signed a letter asking that Congress begin ‘long-term reform’ of the Physician Fee Schedule ‘as soon as possible.’”


The letter stated in part, “While we believe it is past-time time to work on fundamental reform of the Physician Fee Schedule, in the meantime, we strongly urge you to include language in the end-of-the-year legislative package which directs CMS not to proceed with the implementation of the clinical labor update.”


The data doesn’t lie. The 2022 PFS Final Rule threatens to widen the health equity gap throughout the PFS, as exemplified by several examples in the table below.


Dr. Mark Garcia, USPA Board Member and Health Policy Advisor, said, “USPA applauds the efforts of the Congressional Tri-Caucus to fight these cuts that will undermine patients and providers. If Congress fails to act, the front-line result will be reduced healthcare choice for all patients and even less for minority communities. Many specialists who serve minority populations will have no choice but to close their doors due to inadequate federal reimbursement and instability.” 

Dr. Garcia continued, “Congress should follow the lead of the Congressional Tri-Caucus and act by December 31 to protect patients by working on fundamental reforms to the Physician Fee Schedule and not implementing the clinical labor policy at this time.” 



About the United Specialists for Patient Access (USPA): The mission of USPA is to unify and strengthen the voice of office-based specialists, enabling professionals and patient advocates to work collaboratively with Congress and the Administration and achieve near-term relief and long-term payment stability in the Physician Fee Schedule. 

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